Decatur: Distinct wall tile and wood cabinetry create a harmonious aesthetic in this renovated bath.

Sometimes a light fixture adds just the right touch.

Wood grain tile compliments the vanity and accents in this bathroom.

This fun kids bathroom features a shower nook and wood plank ceramic tile.

Oakhurst: Combining traditional marble with modern materials make this bath a spa-like refuge.

Elegant extra storage, combined with elongated tile and a stone shower floor, add architectural details.

Rooms of Respite


Bath areas are so much more than functional spaces. Each is a respite, however temporary, and should be built with this truth in mind. 


The best bath areas have a clean design and a comforting look. They are spaces of mixed materials – stone and fabric and metal and wood. 


Your bathroom renovation or addition is well worth the investment – we’ll see to that.