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How we transform a home


Consistent results are achieved not by luck, but by design. So when we work on your project, we’ll follow a clearly defined process that assures you’ll have the outcome you seek – on time, on budget. And while that exact process depends on the scope and complexity of your project, all of our work follows these 5 general steps:


Early Planning

If you have an architect: We provide preliminary pricing based on conceptual drawings. We’ll also develop a realistic preliminary project timetable that gives you a good idea of how long your project will take.


If you don’t have an architect: We consult with you about the nature and style of the project you envision, then recommend several licensed professionals whom we believe would be an excellent match.


Bid Preparation

Determining costs: After reviewing your architect’s completed blueprints and specifications, we consult with our sub-contractors – several of whom we’ve worked with since our first days in business – to identify costs. We also consult with you on the types of materials and finishes that meet your expected budget, so that you can effectively compare bids.


Detailed construction bid: In preparing our official bid, we think through all aspects of the project to ensure that we’re thorough in the bid we provide you. We provide a bottom-line figure to make it easy to compare our bid with others, as well a simplified payment schedule that is driven by the progress we make.


Project timeline: We update the preliminary project timetable and formalize it into a project schedule, showing all phases and outcomes. 



Contract: If you choose Struby Construction as your partner, we’ll prepare a construction contract that outlines both parties’ responsibilities and specifies the fixed cost. You’re assured that we’ll stick to this fixed cost unless you make changes to the project or we uncover a problem that was unknown at the start of the project.


Securing permits: Struby Construction is fully licensed and maintains good relationships with city planning offices in metro Atlanta – the people who issue construction permits. We take care of securing all necessary permits and build the cost of permitting into our fixed-price contract.



Documentation: Before the first hammer is wielded, we provide you with a Project Planner that has all of the reference material you need – from the contract to the schedule to information about home warranty and selection sheets that will help you with your upcoming decisions (paint colors, plumbing fixtures, light fixtures, etc.). You’ll refer to this Project Planner quite a bit throughout the project.


Communication: A breakdown in communication is where most projects go wrong. So we not only tell you what we’re doing now – we tell you what we’ll do next. We also keep you posted on upcoming decision points (fixtures, paint colors, appliances, etc.) and schedule period walk-throughs to ensure you stay abreast of what’s going on.



Inspections: Once our work is done, we facilitate all necessary inspections from city officials, discuss their findings with you, and take additional steps (if required) to ensure your project is up to code. (You are welcome to join these inspections if you like.) We also facilitate special review by third-party certifiers, such as EarthCraft or LEED.


Final walk-through: We review our work with you and act quickly to take care of items on your “punch list.” We also show you how to use new systems and appliances.


Follow up: We rely on our customers to refer us to friends, neighbors and families. So it’s in our best interest to do excellent work for you. As a result, we don’t disappear at the end of a project. We stay in touch with customers at least for the first year to handle any questions or act on any warranty items as needed.

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